Maze 5


New version 0.9.0 with

  • new maze types based on voronoi cells
  • a new drawing algorithm: organic
  • crossings in certain maze type


Maze 5 is an open source project with the goal of creating a program to generate mazes of different sizes and styles. You can specify the cell size, the number of rows and columns, linewidth. You can also choose between different output formats.

You can download the sources it from Sourceforge or creating a maze online . The page Create-A-Maze shows you how it works. The parameters are explained here.

Maze 5 contains a standalone command line program for creating vector or bitmap maze files and a plugin for GIMP the GNU Image Manipulation Program.


  • arbitrary sized mazes
  • different carving algorithms
  • file formats: pdf, svg and png
  • background & foreground colors
  • adjustable line width
  • entrance & exit markers
  • optional drawing of solution path
  • using bitmap as template
  • 30 different maze types
A pretty standard maze generated with:
maze5 -r 30 -c 30 -t 4 -S 1 -o orthogonal.png

A smiley maze:

And with the theta maze type in the new version 0.8 you can do something like this:

maze5 -S 444 -C 12 -r 30 -c 8 -m peace-mask.png -t theta -o peace.png

and with the solution path:
maze5 -P -S 444 -C 12 -r 30 -c 8 -m peace-mask.png -t theta -o peace-solution.png

The mask that was used:

And here is a voronoi cell based maze drawed in an organical way:
maze5 -t random-disc -S 444 -r 24 -c 24 –organic -o random-disc.png

Build & Install

For building the standalone program you need the cairo graphic library. For the GIMP plugin you need an installed GIMP program with the development utilities e.g. gimp-tool.

To build maze5 you need also an installed C compiler and the scons build system.


Does maze5 run under Windows?
If you can build it, it would probably run. I don’t have Windows, so I’ve never tried it.
Is there a GUI interface?

maze5 is a command line program. If you need a GUI you have to use the GIMP plugin
or use the web frontend.

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